My Favorite Amazon Shop

If you want to buy products on Amazon, I recommend HOTCMR

They sell interesting Korean items on Amazon.

I can really expect

Because Korea doesn’t have only the Gospel of Buldak

bookmark the site in the link

I’m going to hold my belly button for a nice and fun item

WINK! Ebooks Made Easy


Are you having a difficult time creating code or an ebook?

Drag and Drop, Double Click to Complete the Ebook

Are you having trouble adding ebooks, images, or videos?

WINK allows you to easily create your own beautiful ebook by simply dragging, dropping, and double clicking.

ePUB2.0 ebook is also published as a mobile app and PC ebook.

E-booker Naver Cafe

How To Self-Publish An Ebook

In this Community, I’ll go through why self-publishing an ebook is a good idea, how to format an ebook for publication.

going wide on multiple platforms, the specific sites available for self-publishing ebooks and what information you need, thoughts on pricing, and piracy.


Why self-publish an ebook anyway?

When author think publishing a book, foucused on print but putting an ebook or ebook out alongside print book, is a better idea.

Here’s why.

New authors make the majority of income from ebooks.

You can sell your books to anyone in the world over the internet, without printing or shipping charges.

A huge market is with you

The global e-book market is constantly growing
The reason is simple, mobile and internet streaming technology

Readers choose the good time and method of reading they want.

How to make an ebook.

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